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Breast Cancer Awareness 

The U.S. United Pageant supports Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention among women/men of all ages.  We believe that it is never too early to educate yourself on the true facts, risks, and diagnostic techniques of breast cancer.  Early detection can significantly increase a woman/man's survival rate.  

Each Year U.S. United hosts events supporting and raising money for our cause.  As part of the pageant each year, we hold a Breast Cancer Breakfast that involves Speakers, Discussing Facts about breast cancer, and Recognizing those who know or have lost loved ones to this terrible disease.  Throughout the year, we also participate in Breast Cancer Walks, Hold Luncheons, Participate in Brides Against Breast Cancer, and Jump on Any opportunity to raise awareness.  We believe in Active Queens who are involved within their own communities.  While our queens do have individual platforms of their own, participation in breast cancer awareness and prevention events is a requirement of our royalty! 

Sisters by Choice

Each Year U.S. United Presents a Check to Sisters by Choice 

Sisters By Choice (SBC) was founded in 1989 by Dr. Rogsbert F. Phillips-Reed, a prominent Atlanta-based breast surgeon, SBC has evolved into a multi-faceted organization providing services for the uninsured and underserved women.

SBC provides over 800 free mammograms and breast exams to uninsured, unemployed and: homeless women each year as well as providing free educational seminars, workshops, and health fairs to promote breast cancer awareness.

Learn More at their website: 

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