Areas of Competition

Opening Number Outfit:

Attire: Each delegate will BE REQUIRED to purchase the opening number cocktail dress. This year's color will be bright red. You may wear either gold, silver or clear heels. NO BLACK. The sleeve length and style is your choice. Be mindful of the fit. You will need to be able to dance in it. The stage is about 3 feet off the floor so be careful of the hem line. 

Personal Interview:


Points Percentage– 40% 

Attire: A Business skirt or pant Suit or Business Dress. Contestants should look as though you are going to a job interview or making an appearance. (Please be mindful of skirt length). 

Judging Criteria: 20 Second Personal Introduction, Oral Communication Skills, Confidence, Poise, Charisma, Projection of Personality and Sincerity of your answers. 

Fun Fashion/Outfit of Choice:


Points Percentage– 30% 

Attire: An outfit of choice that best reflects your personality (Accessories/Props are Acceptable but should not be distracting.  Hats should show clear visibility of face.  

**(No Evening Gowns)** 

Judging Criteria:  Poise, Personality, Charisma, Overal Presentation, and Confidence! 



Evening Gown:


Points Percentage– 30% 

Attire: Contestants should wear a floor length gown. The price of the gown is not important. Contests gowns should fit well and not be too tight, too long or too short. Gown should compliment figure and be age appropriate.

Judging Criteria:  Poise, Grace/Elegance, Eye Contact, Overall Presentation, and Confidence

Optional Competitions

We offer several Optional Competition in which contestants can display their talents. Optional Competitions have no bearing on who wins. Please click here to see a complete list of our Optional Competitions