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Florida U.S. United

Welcome to the Florida U.S. United Preliminary Pageant! 


We will be honoring females age 7 and older for their personal, professional, and community achievements. Our pageant will showcase each contestant on her own merits and personality. We focus on the individual inner beauty of each contestant, as well as her individual achievements, community involvement and personal strengths and talents. The 2024 Florida U.S. United Pageant will host its State Pageant on March 1, 2024 at 7pm at the Little Haiti Cultural Center in Miami, Florida. This pageant is a one-day event open to females ages 7 and older who live, work, have property in or go to school in Florida. Interview is scheduled to occur virtually the day before the pageant. Queens from this pageant will advance to the U.S. United National Pageant which will be held July 25-28, 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia. Below is very important information about the pageant. Please read the information in its entirety. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


The pageant's entry deadline is January 31, 2024. This is when all applications and paperwork and fees must be turned into the Pageant Office. If you know someone that would like to compete, please urge them to go ahead and submit their application.

ALL FEES MUST BE paid in full by February 12, 2024. 

Your Pageant fee is as follows: 

$25.00 (non-refundable) Application fee ​(due at registration)
$200.00 (non-refundable) Pageant fee

Includes local title, crown, sash, and coronation fees.

Total State fee is $225.00

​You may pay your fees through Paypal. The Paypal address is


Each contestant will sign a queen’s contract. These contracts spell out, in detail, what is expected of you. All winners ages of 7 and older are required and MUST compete in the national pageant in July 25-28, 2024 in Atlanta. This is a preliminary state pageant for the U.S. United National Pageant. Winners will be fined, and titles will be revoked should a titleholder choose not to compete.



Official Communication & updates will come via email and our Official Florida Contestants Facebook Group. Please provide the Florida office your Facebook Profile information so that you can connect with us and receive real time information and updates. You are also required to create a Facebook Fan Page with your new title. The State Office must be notified once this is completed.


If you need to contact us by phone, you may call us at ​305-527-1355 or email us at



  • 1st Runner-Ups in each division will be offered the opportunity to compete in the national U.S. United pageant as an At-Large Participant.

  • If you competed in the U.S. United national competition in 2022-2023, you will be afforded the option to compete in the U.S. United pageant At-Large.


Prize Package

Official State Crown

Official State Embroidered Sash

National Finalist Package Fee Paid by our sponsor

Other gifts and prizes may be added upon receipt from sponsors


Competition Wardrobe and Judging Guidelines

Personal Interview – 40%

Each contestant will give a 20 second introduction speech before her interview begins. Judges will use information from your introduction to ask you questions. Contestants may wear a business suit, pant suit, jumpsuit or business dress. You should look as though you are going to an upscale event or making an appearance. Please be mindful of the length and fit of your outfit. You will be judged on your oral communication skills, confidence, poise, charisma, projection of personality and sincerity of your answers. Religious, controversial and political questions will not be asked unless it is mentioned in your introduction.

Outfit of Choice – 30%

This is an outfit of choice that best reflects your personality. You may use accessories. Should you choose to wear a hat, PLEASE be sure your full face is visible to the judges at all times. You will be judged on poise, personality, charisma, overall presentation, and confidence. Have fun, let your personality shine! This outfit SHOULD NOT be an evening gown; however, you may wear a dress with a high/low hemline.

Evening Gown – 30%

Contestants must wear a floor length gown. The price of the gown is not important. You will be judged on poise, grace/elegance, overall presentation, eye contact, and confidence while on stage. Be sure your gown fits you well and is not too tight, too long or too short. Make sure it compliments your figure and is age appropriate.

​​All outfits and shoes should be age appropriate.

Optional Competitions

​Scores from optional competitions have no bearing on the division winner. Contestants are not required to enter the optional competitions.

​ Talent Competition ($20.00 fee)

The Talent Competition is an optional competition and does not affect the overall outcome of the pageant.  Talent must not be longer than 3 minutes. 
You will turn in your CD (if applicable) at registration. Please be sure to write your name and division on your CD. CD should be in a jacket or case to prevent scratching. Also be sure to bring a backup CD. It is your responsibility to pick up your CD from the DJ after the talent competition. CD should contain ONLY the song you will be performing.


 Photogenic Competition ($20.00 fee)

Contestants in this competition should submit no more than 2 photographs. You should bring them with you and turn in at registration. Please be sure you pick them up before the pageant. Photos will not be mailed. Photographs should be at least a 4 X 6 and no larger than an 8 X 10 and may be either in color or black and white. Photos should be professional and not a snapshot. Photos CANNOT be older than three years.


Community Service Scrapbook ($20.00 fee)

You should bring your scrapbook with you. Please be sure to pick this up after the pageant. Your scrapbook should showcase your activities in your community and should be arranged by the most recent activities first.


People’s Choice
The People's Choice is chosen based on the contestant that brings in the most money in ads, Patron’s List, and the money collected in the People Choice boxes the day of the pageant.  The People’s Choice winner will receive a trophy. 


Portfolio ($20.00 fee)

Contestants who enter this competition will present a modeling portfolio of 5-10 photographs.

Rip The Runway ($20.00 fee)

Contestants who enter this competition will model an outfit of her choice. Judges will be looking for a young woman/woman with style, poise, modeling ability, choice of outfit.

Cover Girl ($20.00 fee)

Contestants who enter this competition will submit up to 2 photos to be judged. Winner will have her photo printed on the program book cover. Photos will need to be judged ahead of time. 

Best In Attire Optionals ($10 each/$20 for all three)

Each contestant may choose up to 3 Mini Optional competitions. These include Personal Interview Attire, Fun Fashion Attire or Evening Gown.


U.S. United Scholar (no fee) NATIONALS ONLY

Contestants who enter this competition will submit an official school transcript and a short essay on why she feels she should receive this award.


Age Divisions

Little Miss (Age 7-9)

Junior Teen Miss (Age 10-12)

Teen Miss (Age 13 – 17)

Miss (Age 18 - 29)

Ms. (Age 30 - 45)

Miss Plus (age 18-35-dress size 16 and above)

Ms. Plus (age 36 and older-dress size 16 and above)

Elite Ms. (Age - 46 and older)


All winners are required to join the national delegate facebook group once they are crowned on the state level. This is where you will receive national updates and be able to communicate with the executive director and staff. You will also be required to become a member of your state facebook group. 


Please be sure to visit our national website at


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